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Odyssey Brew Co - Collaboration beers incoming!

By beerrevhay, Nov 24 2015 10:21AM

We’ve been hanging out with new Hereford brewery Odyssey, and the delicious fruits of our labours - two cross-border collaboration beers - will be hitting the streets any time now.

Most modern breweries rarely live up to the romantic image of some rustic outpost. Nothing wrong with that - it’s just how it is!

But Odyssey’s set-up looks like it’s been plucked straight from a brewery picture book - brick barn, the rolling countryside of a National Trust estate and a ceiling spanned with vaulted beams, they’ve got the lot. In the field yonder, Hereford cattle chew on the brewery’s spent grain and plans are afoot to return used hops to the soil in the form of compost. Odyssey have only just set out on their journey, and already they’ve discovered a bona-fide brewtopia!

In case you didn’t know, Odyssey comes from the same people behind Hereford’s Beer In Hand, Alison and Mitchell. They’re committed to putting product before profit, which means using the best, freshest ingredients money can buy and - importantly - not skimping on the hops. (We can confirm that many bucket loads have gone into our collab ultra-pale And The Light.)

For our part, as well as bringing you lovely beer from all over the world, we’re committed to supporting local breweries and brewers. The Herefordshire border is mere yards from the front door of our shop, so our partnership with Odyssey is a no-brainer.

More on the two new beers, and the inspiration behind them, coming soon. Find out more about Odyssey here.

Stay tuned, comrades!

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