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Grab a growler - fill, drink, rinse, repeat...

By beerrevhay, Nov 16 2015 03:49PM

Our draught beer is now available for takeaway in these lush 1-litre glass growlers.

Growlers are pretty common place in the States, less so over here outside of the big cities - but they’re catching on, and despite the daft name they make a lot of sense.

>They’re a more environmentally-friendly way of buying take away craft beer, as you’re effectively recycling the bottle every time you refill.

>Filling a growler is cheaper than buying the same or equivalent beer in a can or bottle.

>And you get to try beers that might not be available in bottle at all.

Our growlers cost £10 and they’re made of thick, brown glass with a chunky, ceramic, flip-top stopper.

Refill costs vary according to what’s on the tap. At the time of writing, we’ve got Wiper and True’s autumnal amber ale, In the Pines. It’s a riot of burnt toffee and hop flavour. A litre fill is £6.

We’re more than happy to fill growlers bought from other bars and craft beer bottle shops - but we can’t fill random receptacles like empty milk cartons. Your beer deserves better!

Keep your filled growler in the fridge. Ideally you should drink within two or three days, but we’ve kept these growlers for as long as a fortnight and the beer has been fine. Note that once you open it, you really need to drink the lot - supping half and leaving a big head-space above your beer means it will go flat, and will begin to oxidise (no one wants stale beer.)

Now, this next bit is going to sound very wrong, but it has to be done: If you’re bringing in an empty growler for us to fill, please make sure it’s clean. We can’t fill a mucky growler. The best way to keep it clean is simply rinse it after use in warm water, ensuring any yeasty sediment has been removed.

If you must use detergent, ensure it’s thoroughly rinsed as any residue is instant death to the head on your beer.

Stuck for Xmas? Buy a growler plus a fill voucher for the beer lover in your life!

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