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A year in beer - it's our 1st birthday!

By beerrevhay, Nov 26 2015 11:17PM

Beer Revolution is one year old this week - how time flies!

We opened this time last year as Hay revved up for the annual Winter Weekend, taking over a dusty old storeroom in the castle grounds.

As some of these pics will testify, it sometimes felt like a monumental task getting the place ready for opening - many, many hours were spent cleaning, painting, cleaning again, sign making, nailing lumps of wood together and researching the beers we wanted to put on the shelves.

(By the way - big thanks go out to local furniture maker Andy Dix for building our counter - people ask about it all the time, so if you've ever been in and wondered....well, Andy's the man.)

A year on, we reckon the effort was well worth it.

We had about sixty different craft beers and real ales on offer when we opened.

Gradually, the range has expanded to over 200 and if we had more room we’d probably squeeze a few more in.

The last year has seen us host world-renowned beer writer Melissa Cole, as well as meet the brewer events with Welsh outfits Waen and Lucky 7.

Meet the Brewer with Hay's Lucky 7
Meet the Brewer with Hay's Lucky 7

Melissa Cole hosts a tasting during Hay Festival
Melissa Cole hosts a tasting during Hay Festival

We’ve opened the previously out-of-bounds upper floor and transformed it into a grungy little bar.

We’ve survived the back-breaking long days and nights of Hay Festival and buzzed at wowing the staff at the Groucho next door with some of our favourite and most flavoursome brews.

And we’ve been responsible, I’m sure, for bringing certain beers to Herefordshire and Powys for the first time, ever.

As we move into year two, plenty more new stuff is in the pipeline, or already happening!

This website is part of that, as we take the business online.

Our first ever collaboration brew, with Hereford’s Odyssey, is already out in the wild at a couple of locations and getting rave reviews (we’ll be making a proper announcement on that one soon!)

Meanwhile this weekend we’ll be hosting Caerphilly-based Celt Experience for a beer & cheese pairing event, cementing our commitment to promoting quality Welsh produce.

Anyways, join us - if you fancy it. It’s gonna be great.

2016 is just around the corner. Onwards, comrades - another year in beer awaits!

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